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Solid-Ideas worked closely with the U.S. Air Force on a substantial and meaningful project that combined all of our team’s skills—from design to manufacturing—and helps save lives, too! These Airfield Damage Repair Training Tables have been meticulously modeled with field-accurate craters and 500+ custom vehicles to give trainees the essential information and authentic experience they need before going out on a dangerous job.

Effective and Engaging

The Air Force needed an effective training tool to inspire a high level of engagement among trainees. Our airfield replica has the familiar feel of a ‘foosball’ table, but don’t be fooled by its appearance—this model teaches essential information!

Tough and Robust

We built our training tables from wood, steel and aluminum—to withstand abuse. We also designed them to be a portable, durable and organized solution. The final result looks great, works great and is guaranteed to last a long time.


We 3D-printed this amazing cooling turbine for nuclear applications, and it’s now traveling the world. From working CAD files, we carefully sliced and prepared a model to be 3D-printed in easy-to-assemble parts. Our functioning 'cut-away' model features a fully assembled exterior while also showcasing all the working interior parts. It even has a rotating router inside!


No Job is Too Complex

This model is completely made from 3D printing technology. Oscar Sarlandt rose to the challenge and engineered an elegant solution to this complex job.

Durability While Traveling

We take pride in our models. Each 3D printed part is hand-painted with accurate spot color, specially treated for additional strength and given a durable protective gloss finish.  The finished model then rests safely and snugly in a thick cushion of custom die-cut foam within its own high-tech travel case to ensure safe transportation for the long haul.

Life-Size Prototypes

Chinese officials overseeing the construction of a huge waterfront park wanted to see, touch and understand a street lamp design prior to implementation. In addition, they needed a life size 3D prototype to use as a reference model in sourcing manufacturers. At a meeting of 30 government officials, the street lamp prototype was unveiled to universal applause!  We love bringing big ideas to life.

Bright Ideas

An outdoor recreation area must have light, and our client wanted custom, modern street lamps. We worked closely with the designers to create a life-size prototype that could be reproduced by manufacturers overseas.

Engineering and Aesthetics

Our unique background of engineering and aesthetics enabled us to catch potential manufacturing issues and adapt the prototype while staying true to the designer’s vision.


CNC Milling

The arms that hold the light dome were CNC-milled from wood.

Traditional Techniques

By using a lathe to create the dome instead of CNC milling, we saved the client money and time, while still accurately matching the design.


Let There be Light

To test brightness and shadows, we also 3D-printed a small scale model with LED lighting.